DECODE, Inc. has been producing educational and cultural communications since 1991. DECODE Books is the company's publishing division which is dedicated to designing, producing and publishing books on contemporary art and photography. 

In 2007, DECODE Books published The Back of the Line, a collaboration by visual artist William Powhida and author Jeff Parker. In 2008 DECODE Books published three photography monographs: Doug Keyes: Collective Memory, Jesse Burke: Intertidal, and John Jenkins III: Peripheral Visions. Three more photography monographs were published in 2009: Bill Jacobson: A Series of Human Decisions, Ariana Page Russell: Dressing, and Steven Miller: Milky. Elsewhere, a photography monograph by Nealy Blau, was published in November of 2010. Double Life by Kelli Connell was published in August, 2011 and Soldier/Many Wars by Suzanne Opton in September, 2011. Two more photography monographs were published in the fall of 2012: Construction by Brian Finke in August and Tall Poppy Syndrome by Amy Stein & Stacy Arezou Mehrfar in September.

The City by Lori Nix was released in August, 2013.