Signature Series:
Ariana Page Russell

5 x 7 inches
11 four-color plates
24 pages, hardcover
1 original tipped-in photograph

Signature Series books are limited to 500 signed and numbered copies. Each contain one original tipped-in photograph.

ISBN: 978-0-9793373-5-2

Ariana Page Russell turns to her own skin as both a canvas and as a source of adornments for her photographic series titled, Dressing. “The power of a blush, an ephemeral and uncontrollable response revealing internal sentiment, becomes the fashion of skin. I have sensitive skin that easily flushes. In Dressing, I use the imagery of this temporary change as my medium via collages made from photographs of my skin. These collages show shades of sensitivity in reds and pinks made into patterns, then scanned and printed as temporary tattoos. I place the skin tattoos back on skin, adorning myself with a longer lasting, intentional blush. Rather than being frustrated by my skin’s transparency, I claim it by dressing up in the crimson hues that reveal my vulnerability. ” Rather than covering up her skin condition, known as dermatographica, Russell embraces the changes her skin makes, exploring the concepts of fashion and beauty: “These tattoos become and intimate fashion as their own sort of clothing … I am investigating where one surface ends and another begins, the bloom of adornment, and how shifting exteriors reveal as they conceal.”

Ariana Page Russell holds an MFA in Photography from the University of Washington (Seattle, WA) and has had solo exhibitions throughout the United States. She is currently represented by Platform Gallery (Seattle, WA) and Magnan Projects (New York, NY).